Catherine Michaud


Catherine Michaud – interior designer

Sometimes you just have to go for it! So here it is… Hello world, my name is Catherine Michaud. I am an interior designer, marketing coordinator, funny girl, dreamer and creative. That’s why I like to call myself a multi disciplinary designer.

From a young age, I would perform in front of friends and family looking for a chance to shine and use my creativity! I would remodel my room often; help my mom with sewing, decorations of all kinds around the house. So the day I ended up in interior design school was simply a revelation. I worked in design firms for a couple years but something was missing to my full happiness. That’s where marketing stepped into my life. So now, for the past 8 years, I am working full time for home products manufacturer putting forward my design knowledge and passion! 1+1=2

On this blog, I wish to inspire you, help you discover new ideas with humour, simplicity and humbleness.

So here we go, let’s have fun!

Get a hold of me: email-32 twitter-32 pinterest-32

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