Caroline Simon


Caroline Simon – interior designer

As a child, as far as I can remember, I was drawing houses and taking great pleasure in decorating and rearranging my bedroom.

In a quest for constant harmony, beauty and finesse within me, I strive to live in a universe where all my senses are satisfied.
Curious and fascinated by diversity, I consider myself open spirited and draw inspiration from contrasts.

Now a mother of two and part of a new family, it is through my daily activities and travels
that I will bring you where my heart leads me…

It is with passion and pleasure that I will share design trends and my personal favorites on this blog!

Get a hold of me: email-32  pinterest-32  twitter-32  instagram-32  facebook-32

6 thoughts on “Caroline Simon

  1. Wow, bravo Caro et Catherine !!
    Une nouvelle aventure qui commence, votre inspiration enjolivera plusieurs nouveaux défis !!
    Longue vie à votre blog !

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