About us


Photo : Malisa Garant

This blog is the start of a crazy fun adventure. We are two contrasting girls in our 30’s looking for a great new adventure and a way to express our creativity while sharing our design passion.

Both totally addicted to  Pinterest, design blogs and magazines consumers, it was only natural for us to come together and create this challenging and exciting project. Being two curious individuals with similar tastes made this partnership absolutely perfect. But don’t be fooled, we are very different in many ways and we will let you discover that through our blog posts and ideas.

Catherine and Caroline :

1999 | that’s when we met in Design school (Collège François-Xavier Garneau)

3 years of design school to develop our skills to create original concepts that are  both aesthetic and functional

2002 | after graduation, we take separate paths to discover our new professional lives

11 years later, we meet again to share our passion

2013 | the Contrast blog idea is born in july

2 creative girls who contrast in harmony

To learn more about each of us, visit our individual biography pages.

Catherine is here and Caroline over here.

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